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Episode 5: From ZERO to 17,000 LinkedIn Followers With Celeste

5 – From ZERO to 17,000 LinkedIn Followers Within One Year With Celeste Ansell

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Episode 5 – From ZERO to 17,000 LinkedIn Followers Within One Year With Celeste Ansell

Are you looking to get the most out of LinkedIn but don’t know where to begin? Celeste Ansell launched her mentoring and mindset coaching service on LinkedIn just a year ago and she already has amassed 17,000 followers! That’s incredibly fast — however, her success didn’t come overnight. You can say Celeste’s journey in mentoring and coaching began when she started exposing herself to many different industries, gathering wisdom along the way. It’s also safe to say that her journey is far from over with her upcoming plans. Have a listen and embrace Celeste’s values-driven approach to launching a side hustle.

Key Themes

  • Experiment and try different things
  • Be values-driven
  • Online community building
  • Online business coaching
  • LinkedIn influencing
  • Creating an online course 
  • Work-life balance

3 Key Takeaways

1. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things to find the right side hustle for you 

Celeste’s success as a LinkedIn Mentor and Mindset coach didn’t happen overnight. Before finding her right side hustle, she worked in retail, travel, banking, marketing, in a medical center, and in mental health community services. She is without a doubt not afraid to experiment and try different things. This has given her a bigger perspective, has enabled her to related to people’s struggles on a deeper level, and so much more – which ultimately has helped her become a better mentor 

2. Be values-driven

Celeste’s growth from 0 to 17,000 followers on LinkedIn in just one year is no fluke. She has been hosting at least one Zoom networking meeting a week for the past 5 months while providing coaching and mentoring sessions at the same time. It’s a lot of work, but she’s guided by truly being grateful for having the opportunity to help others, while authentically wanting to see them succeed.

3. Surround yourself with others that support you

If you have a people’s first business or are in the compassionate industry, surrounding yourself with people who support your ventures is extremely important. Our energy is a finite resource, and every mentoring or coaching session requires our full attention. Don’t waste your energy on those who don’t resonate with your message, rather focus on those who do resonate with it and are willing to listen.

#1 Tip For the Side Hustle Activator Community

As a mentor, your message won’t resonate with everyone. Don’t focus on those who are not resonating with it, it’s wasted energy.

What’s Next for Celeste?

Celeste is launching a LinkedIn course where she helps those looking to get the most out of LinkedIn for their business. 

Follow Celeste:

Website: https://celesteansell.wixsite.com/celesteansell

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/celeste-ansell

Resources and Tools From This Episode

Luis Contreras is a Composer & Audio Engineer for Film and Tv Advertisement. He has 17+ years of experience in the field of Composing, Recording and Mixing original Music content for different media as Film, Tv, Radio, and Internet. Luis does the professional editing for the Side Hustle Activator Show. He’s really easy to work with and provides great feedback/suggestions.


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