It’s never too late to get started

Thank you to everyone for joining me here! People I haven’t heard from in years have appeared from the ether since I launched this group a week ago. It’s been wonderful to hear from everyone that has reached out to me to share their journeys, challenges and wins.
Episode 1 of the Side Hustle Activator Show will be released on October 5, 2020 at 9 AM PST. I interview Kyle Borawski, a dropshipping entrepreneur who generated over $220,000 in revenue just 3 months after graduating college. This allowed him to never even enter the 9-5 and instead just focus on his e-commerce stores.
There will be new interviews with experts every Monday at 9 AM on Spotify, Stitcher, Apple podcasts, Google podcasts and on our website at

How I got started with the podcast

This podcast is 12 years in the making for me. I remember a time in my early 20s when I was still trying to figure out who I was and what I wanted to experience in life. I was sitting in my room one day and start brainstorming this list.

1000 Ways to Make $1000 Dollars

“1000 Ways to Make $1000 Dollars” – It was a list filled with different jobs and side hustles a person could do to make $1000. Over the years I’ve probably crossed 40 of these jobs + hustles off the list. I’ll share these with you in a later blog post.
7 years ago I decided I wanted to start a podcast to interview entrepreneurs. Excitedly, I bought a Blue Yeti microphone from Tom Lee. It sat there for 2 years. I sold it on Craigslist right before hopping on that one way flight to Glasgow, Scotland. While I was living in London, I once again decide it was time to do a podcast, so I bought another podcast mic. Again, it sat there for 2 years before I gave it to my brother before departing for Australia.
2 years ago I bought a Rode mic and it sat there again. This time I decided to figure out why I had so many failed starts. I realized that for the longest time I was afraid of my own voice and expressing my own opinions. I went to Toastmasters for a few months and it gave me a taste of what it feels like to share your thoughts and stories.
2020 was a character building year. Wildfires in Australia, Covid then moving back home during Covid with multiple missed flights and nothing lined up.

Taking that leap of faith

Olivia and I quarantined in an Airbnb for 2 weeks. I remember those late nights while I was up alone. I was re-writing my resume, cover letters and applying for jobs. Somewhere in the back of my mind was a voice that said now’s the time to do the podcast. It was the first bit of genuine excitement I had in 2020. So, I followed that thought and it’s led me here. I’m currently working for a big friendly company that allows me to practice speaking 8 hours a day as I do sales and customer service.
I’m so grateful to be doing this and happy that you’re here. Entrepreneurship can be a tough journey but I’m here for you. Thanks for being here and I hope you enjoy the ride.