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Episode 5: From ZERO to 17,000 LinkedIn Followers With Celeste

7 – Journey to the Dragon’s Den and beyond with Wendy Armbruster

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Episode 7 – Journey to the Dragon’s Den and Beyond with Wendy Armbruster

Did you ever think you could create a product that could help others?

Snugabell’s Founder, Wendy Armbruster joins the show to talk about her journey from working for Telus corporate to launching a side hustle that eventually led her out of the 9-5. In this deep dive, she shares her accomplishments and challenges trying to raise 2 daughters as a single mom while bootstrapping her business. She also shares her experience on the famed Dragon’s Den and her latest round of equity fundraising.

Key Themes

  • Experiment and try different things
  • Be careful who you bring in
  • Just get started
  • Delegate and Automate
  • Go for opportunities

3 Key Takeaways

    1. When you see an opportunity just go for it. If you hesitate or wait too long then you will talk yourself out of it. When opportunities arise, pounce on it like Wendy did when she got onto the Dragon’s Den.
    2. As soon as you can make your first hire. Don’t try to do everything yourself. Find ways to automate and delegate parts of your business you don’t enjoy so you can focus on your zone of genius.
    3. Be careful who you bring into your business. When bringing on partners and distributors make sure you get a lawyer to go over the legal documents. Wendy’s mistake with her first distributor cost her $5000 and time.

Follow Wendy:

Website: https://snugabell.com/

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